Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You simply apply by filling out a short online application or we can do it by telephone.

Why use AucklandCarFinance and not a car dealer’s finance they offer?

AucklandCarFinance offers personalised solutions for your needs. Our goal is to get you the best finance deal available. The car dealers’ objective is to sell vehicles. Our service goes beyond car and asset finance.

What can I finance?

We can finance anything from cars, boats, motorbikes and industrial machines.

What interest rate will I be  paying?

We offer interest rates from 6.95%.

Can I buy a car from a private seller?

Yes you can.

I am not in Auckland, can you help me?

Yes, we have an online portal that will enable you to complete your paperwork anywhere in the world.

Why not choose a dealers finance?

Dealers are focused on selling vehicles and not getting it financed. They offer a limited range of lenders with very limited flexibility to terms because if you get declined on the car you want, a next person will come who fits their criteria to get a vehicle financed.


Where can I find a car?

The advantage of using your own finance specialists is that you can look for the car you want anywhere in New Zealand. You negotiate the best price, and the bank will pay them directly.

Can I get a pre approval?

Yes, we offer a pre approval service whereby you can apply for a pre approved finance amount and shop for the car you want. This will give you negotiation power and no pressure from the seller as you have already been approved, you can only win with cash in your back pocket so to speak.

How long does it take to get approval?

Pre Approvals typically takes 90 minutes for personal applicants and three business days for commercial applications.

What if I have a bad credit record?

Please refer to our Bad Credit tab.

Can I get insurance?

Find your car, we get the finance and the insurance sorted, first time.

Do I need a deposit?


Can I refinance an existing loan?

Yes, refinancing your exiting loan could free up cash flow. In most cases we can beat your current interest rate.

What do I need to apply?

We need a completed application form (Telephonic or online), your Driver’s license photo front & rear, bank statement and a proof of address (last both not older than 3months)